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Best Business Schools in the World

Posted by Benjamin Atuma at 11:16 PM
Previously on, we mentioned some benefits of studying business. This knowledge could be acquired in formal (such as conventional schools and vocational centres) and/or informal settings (such as in apprenticeship). 

See Why Study Business? for details.

Hmmm, our focus here is on traditional Business  Schools.  Don't get me wrong. I didn't decry informal school settings.  In fact, the informal settings in some important ways give traction to the theoretical knowledge acquired in formal settings.  For examples through Internships, Industrial Attachments, and Community Service/National Youth Service, among others.

By the way,  my old friend (young at heart) called yesterday to share his experiences.  The theme of the discussions was on how engaging his Masters' programme in the United States has been.  He also spoke on the associated financial costs among other issues.  Our joy was that he was getting on fine.  The entire details of the conversation is a subject for the future. 

Actually, the discussions with him had made this post more compelling.

Back to business schools (B-schools, yep!) ....

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Have you ever thought about the best business schools in the world? Personally, I reflected on this a couple of years back and Harvard and Stanford was a sing song.  My choice then, was largely based on researches on offline and online media.  That was over a decade, though!

I found that most well established investors, entrepreneurs, executives and the likes are Alumni of these B-Schools (Harvard and Stanford).

Interestingly, in more recent times, Harvard and Stanford  continually appear on the list of world best business schools.

You would be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes of Business Insider's proprietary ranking of world's best business schools.  The criteria . ..

Hear this:

"At the highest levels, moreover, there's only one thing that really differentiates one business school from another: The amount the school will help your future career.

Beyond the curriculum, that breaks down to:

  • The value of the school's brand (how others perceive the quality of the school), and
  • The network of contacts you build while you're there

These two things -- a credential that will cause future employers, executives, investors, and journalists to be impressed by you and a high-power social network -- will help your career more than any particular accounting course or case study.  And they're part of what you're buying when you elect to spend two years and up to ~$100,000 as a customer of a particular business school."

For the list of 50 world's best business schools, see this:  Business Insider's Business Schools Rankings.

Based on my review, I found that most of these B-Schools also made the list on Financial Times Global MBA rankings 2011.  Yet, Business Insider's and Financial Times' ranking  methodologies differ. 

For the list of 100 world-class business schools, see Financial Times Business Schools Rankings (pdf)

See also a chart comparing some of the top schools.

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